Artist Statement

Art has always been in my life. As the daughter of a well-known artist Manuel Palos, I have spent my life struggling to define my own identity and work. It wasn’t until much later in life that I was led back to art after rejecting it as “my father’s” work.      

I have been stone carving for 12 years now, and it has been healing to claim my creativity and own my vision of change and empowerment. I am now continuing the passion without comparison. I am proud of this heritage, and I am emerging from my father’s shadow to follow my own artistic passions.

Much of my work is inspired by my Mexican heritage. As a Latina born and raised in the Mission District of San Francisco, it is important that I showcase how proud I am of my culture and roots.

My work is also an offering to my soul’s journey that fuses my at with a spiritual and healing perspective.  My recent battle with Thyroid cancer has given me the opportunity to use my voice through my work.  I have been given a second chance to live again, and my intention is to use my art to promote spiritual growth and positive change.

My goal as an artist and cancer survivor is to continue the cycle of hope by giving back to my community and by being an example for those who have faced serious health-related challenges.

Blessings on your own journey!