Alejandra Palos - Stone Sculptor

Artist Bio

Alejandra Palos has been stone carving for the past 12 years.  Born and raised in San Francisco’s Mission District, daughter of immigrants from Zacatecas, Mexico.

Alejandra was introduced and taught by her famous father, Master Sculptor Manuel Palos.

The most notable stone carvings created by Alejandra Palos are informed by her cultural pride and Mexican heritage.  Alejandra’s experience as a Thyroid cancer survivor and her spiritual practice as a  “Curandera” have influenced her carvings and serve as a source of self-healing, self-acceptance, and empowerment.

The work of Alejandra Palos is an offering and a spiritual expression of her soul’s journey.  Her passion, cultural pride, strength, and faith come through in her art pieces.

Her parents instilled cultural pride and resilience through life’s challenges.  Alejandra’s greatest artistic influence and has been her father’s pursuit of his dreams, carving his way and making his mark as a Mexican Master Stone Carver in the United States.

One of her passions is  to educate Latino youth on the “lost” art of Mayan and Aztec stone carving.  By sharing the stone carving art form with youth, she hopes that Latino youth will reclaim and be in touch with their indigenous roots.

She also serves on the Board at Circulo de Vida a cancer organization in the heart of San Francisco Mission District, and donates replicas of her sculpture “Fe” to cancer organizations to continue spreading the message of hope and faith through challenging times.

When she is not busy passionately working on her artistic endeavors, she can be found managing Palos Studios in San Francisco and Puerto Vallarta  and coordinates sculpture workshops in both locations.

Personal Interests: Stone Carving, soap carving, clay modeling, drawing,  “curanderismo,” and herbalism.